Rise Solo picking pattern

The “Rise” solo by Nuno has been covered and explained thousands of times on Youtube. Until now I thought Nuno would play it in such a way that he always strikes the open string and then plays the two following notes with hammer ons, no matter on which string the notes fall…
This would result in a fairly even pattern: Pick - H- H

But now there are the first live videos on Youtube, how Nuno plays it.
If you reduce the speed to 0.25%, it looks to me clearly as if he had chosen a different pattern.

I haven’t figured it out yet though, what exactly he is doing.
Has anyone taken a closer look and can tell me exactly how he’s playing it?

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@snake posted an awesome transcription of Rise

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I think this PDF could be correct for the studio version.

Extreme - Rise solo.pdf (49.6 KB)

It matches what he’s doing live except for the last beat, live version here:


Also I kept the (maybe unintentional) open G and index shift from 8th to 7th fret in the eighth measure of that section.


Best guess at second verse lick, same pick sequence as solo arps:

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I think I’ve looked at it about 200 more times and I’ve ended up with this version.
I counted the pickstrokes, how many they are grouped to and if it starts with up- or downstroke.
I now think this is very close, even if it feels unfamiliar at first, it’s playable that way.


I realized I hadn’t actually watched the clip you posted until now. It’s easier to see he moves over the string where it looked like possible downstrokes from another angle. The end of the live pattern is hammering index-pinky on the 6th string. I updated the PDF and images above.


you’re a legend - thank you !!

Now there’s this Beato interview where he picks all four 16ths of the 7th beat, which I initially thought it sounded like. PDF above updated again. (He’s still skipping the last open A and ending two 6th-string hammer-ons here.)

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