Saying Hello From Oklahoma


Hi Everyone, I am at the half Century mark of Life ( 50 ). And at a point in my music and guitar life that I need some improvement. I cant quite play everything in my head so I’m going back to the woodshed and getting my chops back so to speak. Have mellowed some and play acoustic almost all of the time.
hope to gain knowledge and get some ideas from here. Love Troys youtube Vids. so I found this site and here I am.


ps. I recently switched picks from a dunlop Jazz III to a Clayton teardrop. I was amazed at the difference in tonal qualities between the 2. If anyone can send me a link to a good pick battle and favorite Thread It would be much appreciated



The thread below is long on opinions rather than objective demos/tests/battles, but you might find it interesting:


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the fold! Great to have you!


Welcome, I too just joined, I am from East Texas, just a tad south of you.


hey Mr Old. welcome to you too man!! Ill be checking in on ya, lol take care


thank you Jr. I appreciate it!


thanks AD, I hope I can get some good info here