Sebasbeck Technique Critique

Hello! I’m new here, wanted to share this short video and hear some thoughts about it! thanks to cracking the code!!and thank you all :slight_smile:


HI! Thanks for posting. Nice playing!

I moved this to your own thread. In general, when you post clips for us to look at, try to be specific on the trouble you’re having, so we can help. Otherwise, general requests to look at your playing are cool so we can see what people are doing out there but it doesn’t let us know what kind of feedback you’re looking for. Let us know and maybe we can help!


Ok, thanks! I was looking for general feedback, I also see that I have problems when I switch direction, from ascending to descending of the pattern, feels like i get “stuck” there,in the switch, thanks! :slight_smile:

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I think your playing sounds good. There may be some hand sync issues, perhaps. Unclear. Have you worked on specific phrases with a known number of notes, and specific pickstrokes attached to those notes, with chunking accents for locking the hands together? That’s generally the approach for ironing that out.

Personally, I will admit I don’t really like requests that are vague and simply say “hey look at my playing”. Something more specific is always helpful. However I appreciate all the clips that everyone takes the time to film and post, so thank you for that.

That’s something we can look at, but we’ll need video with more light so that pick-string contact is visible. Also, try and play a specific lick or phrase across a small number of strings, that isolates the issue, and not just improvisation across multiple strings. You can do a few repeitions to help isolate what the issue might be.

If you have a slow-motion mode on your phone, use that too, and include normal speed first, then slow speed after.

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So you’re the thumb pick shredder!! Nice playing. What made you choose a thumb pick? Do you do a lot of tapping?


I’m getting into 8 fingers tapping, and I find it really relaxing the thumb pick, do half of the strength i use to use! :stuck_out_tongue: at the begining was a little “wired” but you get use to, and I also cut the tip, I make the pick shorter :slight_smile:

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