Single escape etude #1 in d minor - an etude that you didn't know you needed

Hi. Recently I wrote a violin inspired etude that consists of even note per string groupings only. I believe that the guitar lacks decent learning material, especially compared to civilized instruments like the violin or piano, which have tons of etudes for every technique under the sun. It can be played by both pure USX, pure DSX (start on an upstroke) and of course DBX. My playing in the vid isn’t prefect, but I believe it’s good enough for everyone to grasp the idea.
etude d minor pdf.pdf (238.6 KB)
etude d minor.gp5 (8.6 KB)


This is great!

Though my guitar is insulted, it trys to be civilized sometimes.


So awesome! I’ll be giving this a solid go.


This is fantastic! How did you go about writing this? Did it just “come out”, or did you apply specific ideas and compositional devices?

Usually there’s some kind of initial idea that emerges from jamming and the rest is pure chaos. I have no idea how to explain my writing process, it’s a mix of doing stuff like using the nature of the guitar (open strings, etc.) hearing something in my head and trying to play it, maybe modifying it to fit the single escape approach, using motifs and moving them through chord progressions and a lot of stuff that I can’t even verbalise.


Well it’s really cool. I find a lot of even ‘good’ guitar music tends to be more mechanical than musical. Like you mentioned, ‘nature of guitar’ stuff. Convenient patterns etc. You’ve managed to take advantage of that while still sounding really musical and giving us some really sophisticated progressions and non chord tones. The fact that on top of that you leveraged the single escape phenomenon…just VERY nicely done :+1:


awesome job! well played. music like this is timeless.

what composers do you listen to/inspired by?


I’ve always listened to a lot of Bach, Paganini and other violin stuff like Jakob Dont.

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Super! And extra well done with that constraint! Z

Unfinished etude in A minor, also even NPS.

etude a minor.gp5 (4.8 KB)
etude a minor.pdf (131.3 KB)


Wonderful! I mostly love the sound of your attack och fullness of the tone you achieve. That and the rythmic stability makes for some of the best playing I’ve heard.

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Sounds great! Might have to give this a try. Picking a long stream of notes is something I have not been practicing, so something like this could really help out.

Thank you very much!
Cool, that’s one of the reasons I’m writing these etudes, we lack moto perpetuo style pieces for picked guitar.


These are great, thank you!

It also feels great to know I can play these at tempo after I take the time to learn them. That feels good. Roughly four to six weeks ago I couldn’t even wiggle my parts quickly, now I’m making serious progress.


Clever use of open strings!


Oh yeah, this is cool. Downloaded and assimilating! Thanks, man!

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Beautiful! The picking is clean as can be! I’m impressed.

This is awesome, thanks for that! Besides the obvious etude aspect I love the sound of it.

Thank you man ! I agree with you we do lack those kind of learning and practice material

Awesome Man i go to learn