Some Quick Shawn Lane-isms at 190bpm 16th-Note Triplets

Exploring the limits of my finger-based “jitter-clicking” hyperpicking with some Shawn Lane ideas.

All ideas are alternate-picked, no economy involved.

First idea is a harmonic minor scale just played 3nps at 190BPM 16th-note triplets.
Second is just a string-skipped diminished idea.
Third is just simply an augmented shape.

Just wanted to showcase this a bit since it differs from typical elbow-based hyperpicking; it allows for me to play comfortably (at least as comfortable as you can at this speed). The thing I have to work on is moving the left hand around a bit more.


That’s sounding pretty impressive to me! Is this a finger and thumb motion? I don’t think I’ve seen it at this sort of speed before

Insane speed. Is this mechanic similar to what Dannyjoe Carter does?

Hey guys, thanks! I just want to point out that the mechanic specifically revolves around the idea of opening and closing your fingers really quickly. It doesn’t involve flexion of the thumb joint necessarily. I also notice I tense up a part of my elbow, even though it doesn’t move, so when done correctly it only looks as though the hand is moving. Also when done right as well, it’s not fatiguing and can be done indefinitely (at least for me) as opposed to hyperpicking where the elbow is in fact moving.
I can send different angles of the right hand if you want as well.


Crazy stuff, I’ve never seen this type of motion before!

How do your pick escapes work? Is this USX, DSX or trapped? Are you aware of any helper motions you’re making when attempting to cross the strings in your first idea? :grin:

As far as I’m aware, the picking starts off neutral and has a upward or downward escape based on tilting (pronating, supinating) the hand ever so slightly. As you can imagine, it’s much easier to do this the more notes per string there are (4,5,6 etc.) vs. the 3 in a scale sequence.

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Would be great to see some close ups if possible!

Holding my arm like yours I noticed I can go a bit faster and do movements like that. Do you think if you were standing or sitting more conventionally, you would be able to do the same movements?

I’ve played sitting the way I do for almost the entire duration of my life playing, so by default since I can’t do a whole lot of picking sitting conventionally, I must extend that and say I can’t do this motion as well sitting conventionally.
Here are a couple of different angles though on a better setup, though.