String Hopping (Bouncing) and Rest Strokes


Sorry to add another thread to the string hopping pile, but I have a few questions on how to deal with it.

I have a deeply ingrained string hopping problem that developed over about 15 years and I’m working really hard to remedy that now.

Pretty much every thread regarding string hopping has had some similar advice, which includes rest strokes. So I just want to ask anyone whose conquered string hopping in this way a few questions…

  • Did you use rest strokes at a slow speed and bump it up a few bpm at a time? (I’m a bit confused about this since I’ve watched the video on how you shouldn’t try to work up to speed, regarding basic picking hand motions)

  • Are you aware of any addition methods, or general wisdom on how to overcome something like this? Perhaps this is covered in some CtC content that I have missed or not purchased yet.

Thanks Everybody!

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