Transcription: The Guitar Chapter - Michael Romeo


I’ve got a lot of inspiration from this instructional by the great Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo. Now transcribed in SoundSlice for your pleasure (or agony). :smiling_imp:

I’ve tried to accurately reflect the actual picking - not what he says he’s playing or what’s (incorrectly) transcribed in the original booklet.

As a general rule, Romeo uses Eco picking when moving in a single direction across adjacent strings (mostly 3NPS scales or 1NPS arpeggios), and 2WPS Alt picking when string skipping, or even-note groupings on a string (2 or 4NPS patterns) and mixed groups (3NPS + 4NPS patterns).

Descending Economy runs are UPS, but he will start the high note on a Downstroke DPS and 2WPS into UPS Eco.

The Solos are work in progress. Stay tuned.