Troy's Mustang?

I couldn’t find a thread already in searching, and was actually kind of surprised it hasn’t been asked about. I’m just curious to know more, especially since it’s kind of an unusual guitar to shred on. Is it just a favorite guitar of Troy’s that he’s had since a teen? Is it a Japanese model (the striped ones are very common there)? What pickups are in it (I see a humbucker in the bridge)? Does Troy like the shred on it because of the scale length? Must…know…more!

good question. In the Pickslanting Primer vids i saw, that in some vids a few pickguard screws are missing and the finish looks a bit odd, so i would guess, it’s a tinkering/passion project :smiley:

Check out this discussion—

(third result for me searching “mustang” here! :wink: )

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Nice! I must’ve stopped after two :wink: Yeah I figured that body must be a MIJ Mustang, when I lived over there those striped ones were all over the place (got a '71 Strat and '62 Tele when I was over there…most MIJ Fenders are based off of older specific year models):

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