Unbelievable Anton Oparin!

Who joins me to burn some guitars?
The madness starts at about 2 minutes, Just incredible!!!


The technique looks great.

But please allow me to be a bit suspicious about the real speed of that demo. Still, it sounds very clean a looks good.


Some exchange in the comments section caught my attention. It’s between the player and a commenter:

Phillip Fischer
1 month ago
I will never understand how you get your right hand to such speed and accuracy…I guess it must be something you must be born for :frowning:

Anton Oparin
1 month ago
no man)) It’s just sport, physics and medicine knowledges))

Phillip Fischer
1 month ago
medicine knowledges? :slight_smile:

Anton Oparin
1 month ago (edited)
Phillip Fischer yes. Knowledges about relaxation, brain work and training, there’s something that engages some medicine investigations

Anybody knows what he’s talking about?

Supicious about the speed???
Look at all his live stuff man, the guy is just incredible!!


I think he means medical investigation.
How the brain works and all that stuff.

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Check this one from about 16:06


Anton is great. We’ve reached out to him - he lives in a way hard-to-get-to part of the planet from here, but you never know.

What we’re seeing at 16:06 in this clip is pretty clear. Anyone who watched the Crosspicking broadcast want to chime in about what it is?


I see that it is down-up-down-up and then pull-off. But the accuracy and speed is killing!

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Thanks for sharing! great stuff. And great CtC picking camera angle too! Sorry for questioning the speed in the first video. This guy is incredible!

@Troy what happens at 16:10 is terrifying to me! His cross-picking style reminds me a lot of Martin Miller’s.

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I don’t see the thumb/finger motion like Martin Millerseems to do. It seems to come all from the wrist.
Most terrifying to me are those big stringskipping jumps in the Caprice no16 at that speed; just impossible!

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That’s right! It’s not Martin Miller - it’s Andy Wood. Anton is using a 902 system - supinated arm, primarily wrist movement, similar to what Andy is doing here:


I would call what Andy is doing here and what Anton is doing above “two way pickslanting” because they’re not making the complete curved 902 movement all the time - only when they need to switch from one wrist movement to another. When they’re just blazing on a single string, they’re doing 9 or 2, but not 902.


Those fingers were designed to play guitar!!! Look at the size of them!

You guys know better about wrist movements.

What made me think about Martin Miller is the curved end of his thumb because it looks similar. While in the video that @Troy posted about Andy wood, I see more a bump in the thumb. But maybe this doesn’t play at all here.

Yes, they have a somewhat different grip but the actual motion seems similair.

Yes! Somewhat different pickgrip though, but the actual motion seems to be similair indeed!

This, from about 5:22, is so AWESOME!

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The thing is at the age of 8 he already did the same stuff with much smaller hands/ shorter fingers!
His brother plays the bass and was on a lot of live gigs with Anton. He is mabe 10 years older or so and you could see at his big hands/long fingers that Anton was going to get them to; and now he has them!

Very similar, and for our learning purposes, I would say, exactly the same. Here’s a quick and dirty!


Here’s what I wrote in the video description, which pretty much sums it up:

Andy Wood, who is a great friend of Cracking the Code, and Anton Oparin, who we haven’t met but would like to (!), have very similar picking techniques. They’re both lightly supinated deviation-ish wrist players. Maintaining this orientation, they combine two different wrist movements as needed to play linear lines, and even crosspicking lines, by blending the two movements into a third “curved” picking trajectory. This is also what Petrucci does - another player we haven’t met, but would like to! In all cases, it’s a a super cool approach which we’ve taken to calling the “902” system, based on a very helpful clockface analogy for wrist movement which we subscribers have already learned about, and which we will elucidate further in future channel videos. Can’t wait? Head on over to Cracking the Code right now and sign the hell up.


Great Troy!!!

Realy hope you can get to Anton one day…

My God!! The accuracy is insane, I generally do this kind of stuff with hybrid picking, what kind of madman dares to pick this stuff? Amazing stuff, very musical as well.

Is he in a remote area of Russia @Troy? No other Russian virtuosos you could meet while you’re over there to make the trip more worth while?


I’ve been subscribing but not paying attention for a little while. Where is the info about the 902?