Weird supernatural stuff thats happed to you?

I make this cus just now I got back from asda, Got something to drink so bought a pint glass with me upstairs to my room knowing I’ve not got one atm. I sit down on my bed, look to the side, and now there are two pint glasses on my bed, one I carried with me upstairs n one out of nowhere… I didn’t put that extra glass there… WTF is that? Btw I’m serious, not had a drink in a week and definitely didn’t have a glass on my bed. I been doing renovations to my room, The walls are bare, it’s over a hundred years old I believe, Pissed someone off?

Just to add to this, like two weeks ago as I was putting my head down on my pillow, a voice went, oooouuuwwp, in my right ear, sounded just like someone was saying that next to my ear lol. And no it wasn’t a whoopee cushion, literally a voice that went oooowwwup… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol man if I’m being haunted by a ghost he’s a bit of a weirdo. My door also slammed a month or so before that. Like literally my bedroom door, I’ve been here for a long time, that kinda thing has never happened before. Been here over 20 years. Not the wind, not family. My door literary slammed shut.
I might just be going mental…

Have you had weird stuff happen to you that makes no sense?


I saw something at 20 years old, some sort of spectral figure that was very close, as a staunch atheist and teetotaler at the time, that completely changed what I think I know about the world/existence (quickly went from “I know everything” to “I know nothing” lol). I wasn’t the only witness to it, either, or I’d have immediately checked myself into the hospital thinking I was having some sort of psychotic breakdown.

I think many ‘supernatural’ events can be explained away, but since that moment I’ll always allow for the possibility some are real.

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I believe you. Something very similar happened to me when I was young and with duplicate Items that just materialized out of nowhere and while I was staring right at it. To this day I don’t know what to make of it. Wouldn’t call it ghostly - It was something else.

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Yes, at around 8 years old a friend and I decided to try and ‘call out’ ghosts at a local school (the school was built on land widely considered cursed by locals)

Being young and dumb, we walked around calling out for something to ‘show itself’. After about 20 minutes we got bored and decided to leave. As we were leaving, I turned back to look at a classroom with large windows facing out towards us on the courtyard. A large white face appeared in the centre of one of the windows. It had large black eyes. Terrified, we ran away as fast away we could.

The next morning my mother came into my room to find me unable to talk and foaming at the mouth. I was aware of her being there but could not move or speak despite my best efforts. It took about 30 minutes to regain motor functions, and a doctor came to our house.

Years later, I recognised the face as being very similar to the ‘atypical’ greys now seen everywhere (keep in mind this was around 1989/1990 and I had no clue about that stuff back then)

Did I just have a seizure? Probs, but scary as hell and not recommended. :wink:

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You ever see the drawing of the demonic entity that Aleister Crowley claimed to have summoned during his occultic practices? It looked shockingly like the stereotypical drawing/rendering of a grey alien.


Yes, quite similar although this entity must have been 6-7ft based on the height of the windows. I’m personally more on the ‘they’re entities/demons camp’ than beings from another planet.

Whatever it was, it was sinister.

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Fully agreed, I think the fermi paradox is as the kids say nowadays, “cope”

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My logic for any kinda supernatural stuff is the fact we even exist. I’m very skeptical myself but that one fact that we acually exist opens me up to a lot of extra possibilities.

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Psychic manifestation? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think, therefore I am, I need a drink, therefore I need a glass.

I’m horny n need a girl apparently doesn’t work as well.

Tho saying that, I’ve had a few encounters with girls when I was genuinely needing that. So maybe? Some things really do seem to manifests if you truly need it. I’ve had weird things happen in that aspect that don’t seem to make sense at all, tho opposite to that is when you’re with a girl, you seem get more offers than when not… Maybe it’s just how you carry yourself, or some actual mental magic. Theres definitely been some weird things that have happened after certain experiences that just don’t make logical sense to me.
Like not getting messages from certain people for years, then all of a sudden getting multiple from many. Seems very un random

Not sure possibly. Brother and I both witnessed and kept the second object for years. Brother and I ran screaming out of the room both in hand and my mom didn’t know what to tell us.

what was it? The object?

Have any of you tried psychedelics before?

I’m going with the Karl Pilkington train of thought.
“I find that if you just talk, your mouth comes up with stuff”

A toy. Used it as a paperweight to hold down a note written from the uncorrupted heart of a child on the small table between our beds (brother). It was still light outside and my brother and I just stared at it and the note. Two were suddenly there. We only owned one, and no one else was there with us.

What did the note say?

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A note asking the tooth fairy if I could keep the tooth.

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I just know there are more than 1 time that I shoulda been dead…like there someone watching over me…

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Anyone else into hiking, nature walks, or general outdoor activity?
You get that feeling like your being watched, like there is a predator that activates your flight response?

Paulides thesis if you read the Missing 411 books seems to be hinting towards bigfoot kidnapping or murdering people in the woods. I have a bit of a different thesis based on the scant physical evidence found in these cases combined with the bizarre occurrences that defy explanation via material physics. It’s “entities”, “demons” etc. It’s worth noting his most recent documentary touches on the UFO connections with some of these missing persons cases.

1:12:11 is the key part of this it’s absolutely unsettling, as is the “predator” story with the hunter and the mysterious malfunctioning of the cell phone camera that follows as well.

This is pretty much the only “conspiracy” type thing that truly unsettles me.

Throw in things like the Dyatlov Pass Incident that fit the pattern as well.

It’s worth noting that in about the 3rd/4th century when the first Christian monks left the confines of the cities of the Roman empire and settled in the untamed wilderness of the Egyptian deserts an oft not talked about factor was the belief that the wilderness is the front line of demonic activity.

Yes, but Long Island doesn’t really have any mega stretches of wilderness, so I’ve never felt like I was being watched or anything (we do have a recently apprehended serial killer, though!).

To tie this into the weird, however, we do have the former military installation Camp Hero, which I’ve visited a few times. Conspiracies abound around it: UFOs, human experimentation, etc… I can say for sure that the ground in areas is ‘hollow’, so there are extensive tunnels underneath leading to bunkers or who knows…


I honestly think there is some weird stuff going on in life and it’s not just Ghosts or Aliens, some stuff that acually knows everything you are and done, and has a certain control over your life that is acually viscerally frightening. No Joke.