What am I missing? - Very Little Progress

I’ve been a member since 12/18 and I’ve gone through all of the Pick Slanting Primer and several other videos and forum topics and I still seem to be stuck.

I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years and I can’t seem to break out of my playing style despite all of the practice time I’ve put in, working to try new things.

I’m a DWPS who always starts with a DS and uses alternate picking for most everything fast. My problem was identified during the PSP videos. I can play accurately and very fast if I’m doing specific chunks which always maintain alternate picking and I’m escaping on the upstroke. An example is ascending at 6 notes per string allows me to maintain speed and accuracy but if I try 3 notes per string, I lose everything.

The only thing I’ve done to eliminate this problem is only pick the first two notes on a 3 note per string ascending pattern, and hard hammer the 3rd note. This simulates the sound but is nowhere close to the actual sound of picking every note.

I realize that two-way pick slanting is the answer but I’ve practiced it and can’t make any progress!!
Maybe I need to start everything over and go from the beginning? I’m out of ideas. HELP!

Here’s a video link to show a few of the examples I mentioned.

DWPS - Alternate picking in chunks

DWPS - Ascending 6 notes per string

Any help is appreciated.


So… do you mean you have problems with sweeping or double escape motion? Whsat is your current aproach to play 3nps patterns?

I will only play 3nps by picking the first two and doing a hard hammer-on for the 3rd. I can’t get two-way pick slanting to work for me at all.

May be you would try standard DWPS approach? Sweeping in ascending motion, pull-ofs in descending? In that case you would start with an upstroke on any new string


I have tried using a sweep on the first note of the next string but this has produced minimal results. I’ve practiced over and over and just can’t make any progress. Also, I’m quite a bit better when descending although not as good as the 2, 4 or 6 note chunks. I think I may actually be doing a slight version of two-way pick slanting when descending which occurred naturally. I just can’t do anything for ascending unless it’s in those measured chunks that we know already work.

Hey @Cooliozar, this is some awesome playing! Sorry for the delay in responding.

The main thing is… here you are showing us things that are working great :slight_smile:

Would you be able to post a video of the ascending and descending scales that are giving you trouble?

Without watching those I can already say that your setup looks very good, my guess is that you will eventually figure out a way to achieve also the downstroke escape from that position, using appropriate wrist motion.

In fact, how does it go when you play licks that only change strings after a downstroke?