What do people do for a living

What do people do for a living. I am a data analyst. I basically query SQL databases and run reports for managers. The good thing is I can listen to music all day long.

Other than hanging out on wood shavings, and occasionally running on my hamster-wheel, not much. :grin:

I used to be a professor, until I had health issues, so now I do web/computer programming from home. But I do love SQL just as much as the next guy.

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I’m a soon to be Slavic Studies graduate. I want to work as a professor, so I’m already looking for my Master’s degree options in International Security and International Relations. Hopefully I can make the jump to the US.


Fortunate enough to teach music for a living. I have a physical studio in Boston where I teach and am starting to hire other teachers. I also teach online for more advanced students/improv/theory types of things, and that’s a big part of my living now too.


I work in a machine shop during the day and I have about 40 music students a week, mostly piano. Before I moved to Vancouver I did music exclusively. My band is pretty busy these days and we make a little bit of money from that now which is cool.


As much as I wanna teach music for a living, I’m still toughing it out in a warehouse as a storeman.


I’m a farmer. We grow malting barley.


That’s awesome. Glad to hear this!

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I am sure your work is greatly appreciated by the beer community!

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Financial analyst, US investment grade fixed income, corporate credit research, performance attribution, some muni trading, and then the go-to guy at my firm for any random numbers crunching that needs to be done. I also write a lot of our commentary.

Mostly, I drink eyeball-rattling amounts of coffee.

As a member of the beer-drinking community, I for one salute you!

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Been there more than once mate. Keep working towards it!

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I’m a licensed attorney and junior hobbyist programmer, work in tech. Corporate biglaw definitely was not for me.

Junior web programmer, thinking javascript during the day and guitar at night !

Were you ever a stock broker before you started doing what you do now?

Nope, started my career at custody banks (brief stint as an accountant, then rather a longer one as a performance analyst) before moving over to the buy side at a bond firm, and making the jump from ops/marketing to investment (getting my CFA charter helped). The buy side, especially on a highly liquid asset class like equities, is kind of a tough place to be these days, as electronic trading is playing a bigger role in the marketplace.

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Currently a data scientist fighting identity fraud. Formerly a physicist, using electromagnetic techniques for oil prospecting. Prior to that I was a professional string hopper.

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Tractor trailer driver.

Wow, that sounds interesting. I’ve always been interested in the oil business since I grew up watching the TV drama “Dallas” about a family in the Texas Independent oil business. Dallas was the most popular drama series of all time and its “Who Shot J.R. storyline” had people all over the world talking about it and speculating in who was it that shot J.R. Ewing? Does that sound familiar to you, or are you from a younger generation?

Physiotherapist. :nerd_face:

I remember that from when I was a kid. I was a Dukes of Hazzard/Knight Rider guy, myself. Dallas came on after my bedtime. It was a grownup show.

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