What picks are you using?


Yeah the Flow picks are great, my favourites. I’m still using them!


Oh cool, I tried to order the flow picks a while ago (in the UK) but was told they were unavailable for an indefinite time. Will have a look again!

Are they very similar in feel to the dunlop 208?


The Andy James model is almost the same size as the 208. It has a little bit more pointy tip and the bevel is larger.
They are of different material (Ultex) and therefore have a different sound.
They feel different, have a nice balanced tone and a bit more grip also. To me they are better then the 208.


So after using the Jazz III picks pictured above, I saw an improvement in my speed. I’ve been using them the last six months, but when my local shop was out of them I tried a Jazz III variety pack and found my new favorite, which actually improved my speed more: The Ultex Jazz III



I’ve switched back to the red dunlop Jazz III picks because the tone is much better than the Ultex, even though the ultex may be a bit faster playing.



I’ve been using these lately and really dig them, they’re Phat Cat Cool Picks. They’re hard nylon and have a nice thuck to the tone. I prefer the 1.50mm. They’re a bit bigger than a Jazz XL, almost the size of a standard pick. Totally recommended.


they look like the Snarling Dogs Brain picks, which also are nylon and have a cats tongue grip. They’re probably all made by the same place.


I have lots of interesting picks (usually Dunlop, Swiss, and PickBoy), but I decided that I need to standardize on ONE pick, only, where it comes from a major manufacturer, is inexpensive, and likely to stay in production for a long time; I somewhat randomly switched to Dunlop Flow 2.0mm picks, ordered a few 24 packs of them, and mailed all of my other picks to my nephew (he’s learning guitar).


Where do you get PickBoy picks from? Are you in Europe? I got some from a shop in the UK years ago and really liked them, but haven’t been able to get them since. I see them for sale on eBay but they are ridiculously expensive, I know they’re imported from Japan but I’m not paying £7 or £8 for a single celluloid or nylon pick!


I got them in local stores (in the San Francisco Bay Area), and it’s under $1/pick. I think that this might be a good way to get them, but I’m not sure:



Any suggestions of good picks for sweaty hands? (note that this question is one typo away from being NSFW :-D).

Currently I still have a preference for tortex picks for both tone and “stickyness”, but I was wondering if there are any grippier materials (at times my fingers sweat pretty badly, particularly if I’m a bit nervous).


You could try wrapping one of those rough plasters (bandaid in US) around the top of your favourite pick. I did it once on a pick I was trying out, but kept slipping. Not perfect, but better than it was!


I use Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black 1.14mm. They’re excellent. They’re the best picks I’ve ever used. They’re a regular sized pick - not the small jazz style picks.

Before this, starting 5 years ago and ending about 2 years ago, I used Dunlop Tortex Jazz III 1.14mm picks. I was encouraged to use them by one of the fastest alternate pickers in the world. I had no problem using them and after a while I decided they were better than the standard sized picks. Then after a longer while, I tried the standard sized picks again and decided I like them better. They’re more comfortable. I can play very well with either, so I chose the more comfortable size.

The 1.14 thickness is important because you do not want the pick to bend. That thickness won’t band. Additional thickness too much beyond 1.14 results in less articulation - less volume and more pick noise in my experience. Depending on how you hold the pick, and a variety of other factors, that may or may not apply to you.


Dunlop Flow have great grip on them. They are the perfect pick IMO.


I have to second the Dunlop flow picks. They are great.


Is there anywhere in the USA that sells them or you have to order them online from the UK?

(Talking about those Winspear picks)


They’re hand made and not mass produced - you need to order them from the UK, when Tom @ Winspear has them in stock.


They look cool, but they look like they might chirp a bit!! I’d love to try one!


I have them made out of two types of material - one is ultex-like and definiely chirps a little at the bridge position with humbuckers. The other is like a super-hard nylon, I guess, and while it still chirps it’s much less pronounced.


I’ve been using Guitarmoose picks and really like them. So then I bought the grips they sell and put them on the Dunlop JPs and Jazz III XLs to experiment a little. So my #1 is Guitarmoose 1.0mm but I’m also like the Jazz III XL with the stickies. And then after I’m warmed up I like the JPs. Off to the side you see the Raven triangles. I use them playing live. I sweat and need more to hold onto then. And I put Cool stickies on those (not pictured here).