What picks are you using?



I’m really starting to like these ones. Small, grippy, and a lot of control!


Saw these Chicken Picks in my local shop, I’m dying to try them, but currently having to rest up due to hand/arm issues (just a pinched nerve I hope!). I swear I can hear them call me from the sofa… I may give in to the temptation!


Chicken picks are cool! I like the Jazz III style ones the best.


Currently using these:

Does anyone know of anything that is longer (not thicker), that isn’t too expensive?

I am tempted to use a 3D printing service to create something longer.

The longer picks just seem easier to double-escape, at least for me.


I was going to pick some of them up actually, in 2mm and 1mm.

Do you mean longer but the same shape and with the beveled edges?


I guess it doesn’t have to have the same shape. But with larger picks, it tends to work better if they are a bit thicker/stiffer, and if a pick is thick, I’d prefer it have a bit of a beveled edge. I’m willing to try almost any material, nylon, tortex, wood, plastic. I just wanna try it to see how it feels.


So I tried them out…the shredder (3mm on the right) was a lot like the JP Flow in terms of feel- glided across the strings effortlessly, but what I found was that the quality of note ‘bloom’ was poor and was akin to rubbing the string as opposed to plucking it. The difference unplugged was even more pronounced. I could play with my usual Dava and hear the the note pitches as clear as day until I switched to the Chicken pick Shredder - all the notes just disappeared!!!

The Jazz type pick on the otherhand was very bright in tone and note ‘bloom’. As expected with tough thick pick, there was a fair bit of chirp - a tad more than the Dava and at the etreme of what I can tolerate, felt great on the thinner strings - lots of attack and speedy. This would have been an outright winner for shred if it werent for the scrapey feeling on the bass strings. Feels disgusting and puts me off. Shame really. I suppose my question is do I hust suck it up and get used to it?? Or just stick to the Dava???


Dava are hard to beat - very underrated picks.


Recently started using 2.0mm Ernie Ball prodigy minis. Great picks.