What picks are you using?


Yeah! Should have given these Davas a shot before. I just found a version that is almost the same shape as a Dunlop TIII. They are slightly more bendy, but the grip is sooo good! Good tone as well, although I feel I am getting less attack than I get with tortex (the counterpart of this is that the pick glides very easily across the strings)

Edit: It’s this one

Actually I just realised the different colors code for different tip materials! Didn’t notice a huge difference between different colours but I’ll pay more attention tonight.


Yes @Tommo that’s the ones! The grip on them is amazing, no other pick even comes close. They are very good picks.


I have all of those Dava picks.
In the beginning i liked them but the rubber grip comes of after a little while.
The idea of the different grip zones voor different flexibilty is great.
But i like the Blue Chip much more, especialy the tone i get with those.
Also the material they are made off sticks to my fingers when they are a little warmer which is great also.


Pink Dava gels FTW!!!


We’ve talked about it in this thread so scroll up. :yum: It has the same shape as the JD JazzTones 208 by admission of Jim Dunlop’s Instagram feed. However Andy James requested them in Ultex and boom, you have the “new” Dunlop Flow picks.


You’re right, I found it being mentioned. Sorry :sweat: I assumed nobody talked about it because the video that I dropped got released just some hours before I posted it. My bad.


How do these Dava picks seem to be holding up over time? I’ve been using the Clayton Acetyl lately and I can barely see wear marks on them…they are tough as nails.
I went to the Dava website but they really don’t provide a description that I saw of the various products.


I really want to try a blue chip but I just can’t seem to get over the prices…they seem to have a lot going for them.


Order one with the 3 identical tips ( i use the TAD 60), so now you have three picks for the price of one.
They will last muuuuuch longer the other picks.
Have mine for abou a year now and i think it will go for another year at least and i play a lot!

So, it is actualy a cheap pick!


Tried different V picks, did not like them at all.
Now using Blue Chip which works way better for me.
It is all very personal.


I don’t care for th TAD shape. I’d be a TD Guy. That’s like a standard shaped pick.
How does the material flex? Typically I use 1.5 mm picks which as you know are pretty stiff. But the blue chip material “looks” stiffer than a typical pick. Probably just my eyes playing tricks on me. Lol


The TAD shape is the same as the the TD shape but with the extra tips.
Just takes an hour or so to get used to this, after that it feels the same as a normal shaped pick.
The material is pretty stiff, but notvstiffer then most 1.5 to 2,0 mm picks.


At the moment I have no idea, as I got them only a couple of days ago. But I would guess that you can estimate the duration depending on the color of the tip, which tells you which material it’s made of. That being said, I haven’t yet found a precise list of all the materials they use and the corresponding colour, but I did not spend much time searching!


if you wanna get rid of yours, go to my pick trading thread :wink:


I played Tortex sharp 1.14mm for years. Some months ago I thought I’d try some different picks to see if there is some improvement/change in my picking technique.

I can definitely recommend to try different picks AND keep practicing with different picks from time to time. If your stuck with one exercise, just take a different pick for some minutes, sometimes helps me to break some kind of a “day-barrier” (meaning I can’t get some exercise up to speeds I usually manage to play).

So at the moment my main Picks are Ultex Jazz III XL. They play a bit easier than the Tortex sharps, because the tip is pointy, but not as pointy as the sharp picks. For faster stuff I sometimes change to the red Jazz III XL-picks (Is that Nylon?), because they have a more crisp attack, so fast stuff on the lower strings is a bit more precise (tone-wise). Still I like the smoothness of the Ultex on higher strings.

I tried the black Jazz III-Max Grips and keep using them from time to time. I think they are to small for my large hands, but this really stirs up my playing in practice sessions, when I feel stuck.

Funny thing is, that I somtimes feel like going back to the Tortex sharps and might do that someday, when I reached my “alternate-picking-goals”. (To be honest that will never be the case, as my goal is “faster-faster-faster” :wink:

Just my 2 cents about Picks…


Won’t blame you… this time. :yum:

That said, I’ve just received a pack of 208s. And they’re pretty big: slightly bigger than a Jazz III XL and wider, but not as wide as the Primetone Small Tris. It’s something I like, as one of my favourite pick shapes is the Ibanez small teardrop shape with its wide shoulders. I’d probably be interested in testing the smaller Flow ones, but considering the price in Europe of the Primetone picks, I’m afraid the Flow picks won’t be cheap either. :sweat_smile:

They’re scheduled for April according to Dunlop’s website. Once again NAMM confirms its acronym: Not Available, Maybe May. :grin:

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In the end I bit the bullet on Flow picks as they’re not as expensive as Primetone ones (still not cheap!)… save for the signature versions that gives you half as many picks as the non-signature ones for the same amount of money. I was shopping for some stuff on Thomann and saw they were available so I added a pack of Standard 2.0 and 1.5mm picks.

So far I’m gelling well with the 2.0: to me it falls somewhere in between the Ultex Jazz III XL and the JD Jazz Tone 208, which were the two picks I was currently using.


I bought all the Flow picks and so far 2mm is my favourite. The jumbo ones feel a bit too big for me.


I like the gravity jSH the red ones …but when u do pick scrapes it chews the sides up.

S…unpolished ! And dragan hart … Is up beside it !!!


Since an week or so i m playing with the new Dunlop Flow signature picks, and they are awesome!
I have the Andy James and the Petrucci model, which are bassicaly the same, the Petrucci one is a little bit smaller.
Don’t know which one i like best but i am tending towards the Petrucci model.
Awesome picks, try them!