What's your primary amp and guitar?


Just a quick question, been wondering what most folks here are using as their primary instrument and amp, and any other details you wish to share, info and/or media.

I’ll fo first.

I’ve had a few guitars over the years.
Guitar: Fender YJM sig strat (SD Fury pups)
Amp: Dr.Z Carmen Ghia head
Cab: Dr.Z 1x12 w/ TT Alnico
Stomp: Friedman BE-OD

I hope to score a Ceriatone Yeti soon.


I’ve gone thru a lot of guitars, amps and pedals. Mostly strat type guitars, with various amps including Boogies, Buddas and PRS. Now I’ve stripped it all down to a custom headless guitar and Positive Grid Bias FX and Bias Amp 2. For live performances I run the Bias’ thru a clean power amp/speaker. Positive Grid has everything I need and great tones from clean, dirty, gain and insane gain. Light and easy to carry, too. :slight_smile:


Ibanez JPM P2
Solar Guitars A2.6C
Ibanez Prestige S5470 in Satin Oil (retired due to me abusing it for a decade)

Yamaha THR10X
Guitar Rig 5
Apogee interfaces (Duet, JAM)

I live in an apartment so a stack or even a high quality combo is completely out of the question.


I recently overhauled my whole setup and will probably will be forced to do it again for my pet’s medical bills. Anyway, right now I’m using the following:

Tokai TTE50 (with a Dimarzio Chopper T on the bridge)

Victory VX Kraken (50w tube amp made in England)
Two Notes Torpedo Captor
JBL LSR305 monitors

DAW Reaper with many Eventide plugins

I’ll probably sell my amp and Torpedo Captor in order to afford my cat’s treatment, but I will still be able to afford an Atomic Amplifire 12 which is fantastic. A silver lining to all that trouble. At least my kitten isn’t in any pain, it’s just a normal procedure and vaccines for cats that will travel abroad.


I go back and forth between a '97 American Standard Strat and a Suhr Modern 7 as my main player - lately the Strat’s been winning, but that comes in waves. Either way, they get plugged straight into a Mesa Mark-V into a Tremoverb 4x12, with a TC Electronics Flashback X4 in the loop.


02 am del fatstrat hss

Older model jackson

Vox amp

Crate amp recent pawn shop purchase.

Multiple pedals

I’m in the process of seting up a pedalboard and want to a/b the amps just to see how that works.

I also want to get another small amp for my looper.

However, 99.9% of the time I play unplugged.


Mayones Hydra Elite
Roland Mobile Cube as a monitor for GT-1000.


How’s the GT1000? I’ll ask you in a PM if I’m going off topic here. Sorry in advance!


I play mostly Japanese/USA Charvels (475 Deluxe, 650XL and 2008 Pro-Mod). I’m in the process of rebuilding a Charvel Predator. I also have a Caparison Dellinger that I use live with my band and a custom-made Blackmachine copy superstrat by VSK Custom Guitars from New York which I record my albums on. For acoustic I have a Godin Multiac Nylon, a Godin A12 and a shitty old Yamaha steel string.

I use a Line 6 Helix into a Matrix power amp and whatever cab is lying around for live. For direct I use 3Sigma Audio impulses.


Vigier Excalibur Special, Music Man Axis in Eb, Vigier Excalibur Special 7, Oni 8 string, Haar Telecaster.

Mesa MKV, JCM800 and I’ve recently got an AC30.


How are those Vigier guitars treating you? Is it strictly for shredding? I’ve always wanted to try one, especially that Shawn Lane model Marshall Harrison has/had.


The specs aren’t quite as extreme as the Shawn Lane model - 12" radius rather than infinite, and the necks are a touch thicker than say an Ibanez Wizard so no I don’t think they’re just for shredding. Versatile all round guitars in my view.

The extreme tuning stability of the Vigier non-locking tremolo/locking tuners/teflon nut combo is what drew me in in the first place, previously I’d never found a guitar without a locking trem that would completely stay in tune after really large bends, G string especially.


My last serious guitar teacher used a Vigier- really nice guitar.

Primary guitar for me is a 1989 PRS custom 24 through an ADA MP-1/peavey power amp or a JCM800


Another thing, to tie in another thread - no truss rod, the neck is permanently stabilised in a fixed position with a carbon strip, so no seasonal fluctuations of relief.


My current go-to guitars are;

-Ibanez knock-off pink-on black paint job with BKP nailbomb pups, I use this as my main writing/recording instrument. The necks real Ibanez from an rg5xx but everything else is aftermarket parts.
-Fake Ibanez Jem I bought for 100 quid on ebay, literally the worst built instrument ever made, even the pups are painted using what I can only assume is green nail polish, but it’s so ugly and beat up that I can’t help but love it. I use this for practicing technique mainly at the moment.
-Schecter blackjack, the version that comes stock with sustainer, for live use. I bought this when visiting the US because the store had the wrong sticker price on it and so was a ridiculous steal :stuck_out_tongue:

Amps wise I use plugins for writing/recording/practice. Mostly helix native now, some amplitude 4.

Live I use a very mistreated Laney ironheart half stack and a pod hd500.


Hi, no worries, do type your quetions in here, would be good to get more info on all the gear user here.


I have a parker fly mojo I rebuilt and modified from scrap, a schecter deluxe 66, and a hosono tele with a jackson style 24.75" scale neck. For amps I have an 15w engl gigmaster head, a 20w randall diablo, and a 15w evh lbxiii all bought used on CL for relatively cheap. They go into a 1x12 with an off brand speaker I can’t remember much about. I build my own stomps for fun but don’t use much fx beyond a fixed wah, riot od, and some delay here and there.


Depends on the tune! I run everything through my Line6 POD HD500x into a PA

Fender Strat for Yngwie Eb tunes
Agile Baritone Les Paul style for E stuff. Baritone is so comfortable for those tight patterns higher up on the neck
Schecter Km-7 for 7 string tunes
Agile Intrepid 828 for 8 string tunes


Primary guitars:

  • Charvel Guthrie Govan signature model
  • Ibanez JEMV7 (the white one)
  • EVH Wolfgang
  • Da Voe archtop (when I’m jazzing)

As for amps, I made the switch to a Kemper Profiling Amp a few years ago and never turned back. I hung on to my amps and gigantic pedalboard for about a year before I was confident that the Kemper would handle all of it. Then I just had a big Craigslist fire-sale and did a massive gear-purge. I’ve never regretted the decision.


First post, but as good a place as any to start.

My primary guitar is a 2016 Suhr Modern Pro, and I’ve never enjoyed playing a guitar so much. It’s modified only slightly with a push-pull tone pot to split both humbuckers.

My secondary guitar is a Schecter Damien Platinum with an EMG and a Sustainiac.

I have a couple amps but don’t use them. I plug into my audio interface with studio monitors and use either S-Gear or TH3 for an amp sim.