Where are you living currently?


just curious how far/close we are too each other.

I’ll start of first:

Michigan, USA


County Kildare, Ireland.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Vancouver, Canada here.


Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Norfolk, England (Damn, us guitar geeks are covering the globe aren’t we?!)


Greater Toronto Area, Canada


Florida. Born and raised. 'merica. :us:


Chicago Illinois USA


Nottingham and London, UK


Seoul, South Korea (by way of Nova Scotia, Canada)


Newberry, South Carolina, USA. An awful lot like Mayberry sans Andy, Barney, and Gomer I’m afraid…


Suburbs of Minneapolis. There’s nothing to do in winter here but practice (or winter sports if you’re into that).


Everything I know about Minnesota I learned from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous.


I have family who literally yell at the TV when they watch curling.


My wife was part of a curling league for a while. Interesting sport but I’d rather play the guitar!


Wuustwezel in good ol’ belgium!


Bangkok, Thailand (originally from Syracuse, New York though)


Colmar - Alsace in France ! :slight_smile: (50 km away from Strasbourg).
Maybe do you know « Christmas Markets » (Marchés de Noël) ? Sorry for the translation!

Nice to meet you guys!


wow, it’s great to see how many people from around the world are on this forum. Just goes to show you how global shredding is! :smile: