Where are you living currently?


Kiev,Ukraine (wondering if there is more of us from Europe)


Washington, D.C., USA.


Canadian here, but it seemed like half the kids I grew up with were descended from proudly Ukrainian families.


Haha… I have family in Thornhill! Hockey and golden star burgers…


I was in Thornhill for a couple of years. I liked Centre Street Deli, and my main culinary memory was heading over to Vaughan for Memphis BBQ. Crappy little shack of a restaurant, but very nice ribs. Lick’s was my burger of choice, but I think all of them are gone now.



NICE! Yes I remember Lick’s, they had a good burger and I’d get the fries loaded up/poutine. Funny stuff and small world! Will be posting new videos soon on the Critique section. Thanks for all the help brother… A.


Fairview, TX, about 25 miles north of downtown Dallas, TX


Moscow, Russia.
(Is there anyone else from Russia?)


Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand


Ah, New Zealand, where Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie invented rap. :smiley:


I lived there for a few years when I was married to Xena (Princess Warrior). I would rap battle with McKenzie at the local pub. I called him a Aussie and dropped the mic. We haven’t spoke since.



Stockholm, Sweden. City of polar bears.


Haha I haven’t heard that before :sweat_smile:


Ouch the cardinal sin (calling a kiwi an aussie or visa verca). Nice to hear people outside of the antipodes know there’s a difference :sunglasses:


I was visiting relatives over the holidays, and one of our favorite games was trying to guess whether the cooking show on the TV was from Australia or New Zealand from the accents. I think I only got it right about half the time, but as a Canadian, I feel your pain.

Edit: You’d think my score would improve from recognizing the hosts of the different shows after a while, but apparently not. :rofl:


I’m going by the claim in the first 20 seconds of this video. I take everything Jemaine says at face value.


Currently Rome, Italy


I wasn’t sure anyone would get the joke. I crack myself up either way.

You listen to some messed up stuff @Frylock The bar mitzvah song, now this crazy rap stuff…



Thats easy…aussie accent has a higher pitched twang to it, the kiwi accent is very flat :grin:


Cheers mate ) one more here