Where are you living currently?


Another Kiwi here from Auckland, North Island, New Zealand. Currently enjoying our “balmy summer” with gale force winds, storms and rain :cloud_with_rain:


Hey Guitar fam! James from Somerset, New Jersey here!


Hello everybody!! Buenos Aires, Argentina!


Really? Where in Canada are you from?


Wow… I am surprised I am the only one here from Los Angeles… we used to be the Mecca for metal-mania. I remember walking up and down Hollywood Blvd in the late 80’s… hanging out at the guitar center… and spotting all the up and coming speedsters. That’s all gone now.


Nowadays I’m living near Toronto. Without getting too personal, there’s some fun wikipedia info below on the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. For context, the total population of Canada is about 36 million, about 9 million of which is clustered within about a 50 mile radius at the west end of Lake Ontario.

“The provinces with the largest Ukrainian populations (single and multiple origins, 2006) are Ontario, 336,355; Alberta, 332,180; British Columbia, 197,265; Manitoba, 167,175; Saskatchewan 129,265; and Quebec, 31,955. In terms of proportion of the total population, the most Ukrainian provinces and territories are Manitoba (15%), Saskatchewan (13%), Alberta (10%), Yukon (5%), British Columbia (5%), and Ontario (3%).”

The metropolitan regions with the largest Ukrainian populations (single and multiple origins, 2006) are Edmonton, 144,620; Toronto, 122,510; Winnipeg, 110,335; Vancouver, 81,725; Calgary, 76,240; Saskatoon, 38,825; Hamilton, 27,080; Montreal, 26,150; Regina, 25,725; Ottawa-Gatineau, 21,520; St. Catharines-Niagara, 20,990; Thunder Bay, 17,620; Victoria, 15,020; Kelowna, 13,425; Oshawa, 12,555; London, 10,765; and Kitchener 10,425.


Wow… interesting things we learn on this forum. My Grandparents were from there… but I know very little about it… didnt know about the Ukrainian diaspora.


I’m originally from Edmonton myself and a big chunk of my friend circle were Ukrainian immigrants also Croatian + Bosnian refugees. The one who were old enough to remember the “old country” have some pretty wild stories and meeting those people gave me a pretty strong appreciation for how we have things in this neck of the woods. We used to get together at band practice, drink vodka until our noses ran with it and play the worst Iron Maiden covers you’ve never heard


care to drop any names? anybody from the bay area thrash scene?


I live in Como, Italy



City Park-ish, Denver, Colorado, USA.


Greenville, South Carolina!


So many… I just don’t know where to start. Jimmy Page, Slash, Vai. I saw Vai twice… at a restaurant, then at the guitar store where he was picking up an old amp.


Asheville, North Carolina


Just outside Wilmington, North Carolina here. Hello all near and far!


Hey!!! One of my favorite movies was shot in Wilmington. And Leland. :truck::truck::truck:


Haha nice man! I actually live in Leland and know exactly where that old gas station is at…although it’s condemned now. You in NC?


That’s kinda one of those movies that’s so bad, its good.


No, I’m in FL, but I’m a Ex-trucker. I’ve been everywhere. The truckstop was in Leland off of Hwy 74. The green goblin truck is coming up 74 when he turns into the truckstop. It’s fenced in with grass n stuff now.

Here is drone footage of the place now. Most of the buildings are still there. Just redone.

Here is 74 in Leland here at 6:13… same location as drone footage. The Estes terminal is still there.


@Hanky_Pooh , I’ll be damned man, we’d always thought it was the location east of the bridge that goes over the Brunswick River! After seeing the aerial footage, you definitely have the right place. Now I’ll have to go check it out at street level​:grin::+1:t2::+1:t2: