Where are you living currently?


I know bout them trucks, boah. :sweat_drops: (tobacco spit)


I’m from San Francisco, grew up in South City but was more in the glam metal scene. Andy from Death Angel lived 1 1/2 blocks from me. You could hear them practice every afternoon. Machine Head’s first show was opening for my band Violation in Redwood City. I have the flyers somewhere.

What’s funny is that thinking back on it is that the bigger local acts like Exodus, Testament, etc. weren’t around much but the bands that seemed to be playing every other week were LAAZ Rocket and Vain. Guess those guys were touring. Primus played at Nightbreak for practically every sushi Sunday and my friend’s band, M1 Alternative, opened for them all the time.

Cacophony at the Omni in Oakland was amazing. There were maybe 100 people at that show, met Carmine Appice that night.


I’ve got a delicious pinch of Cope in right now😉


Makes a pretty girl smile :wink:


wow. that’s pretty cool. Opening up for MH. Not a huge MH fan, but I LOVE Vio-lence. Carmine Appice! that’s really cool!


They opened for us :metal: Our singer and bassist was this skinny blonde girl who sounded just like Lemmy. Robb was all over her.


sorry, didn’t mean to miss quote you. MH must have been just metal babies back then!


Seeing Laaz Rocket would have been wicked. I’ve got a couple of their LPs at home here. Did you catch Vio-Lence, Heathen or Vicious Rumors back in the day? VR is a favourite of mine, especially with the late Carl Albert on vocals. I saw them with their current singer recently and he’s pretty good too.


speaking of you Californians, did anyone catch the benefit concert at the Midway for Sean Killian? Hearing Robb Flynn sing “World in a World” was pretty cool. Wasn’t there, just watched all the videos on YT.


I jammed with Geoff Johns at practice space with a bunch of people once. Didn’t think much about it until a couple of months later when Vinnie Moore won best new guitarist in Guitar Player and I was like “holy crap!” Guess he was looking around for a replacement, I was definitely not in that league :slight_smile:


Is it Tampa by any chance? I used to live in Tampa.


Providence, Rhode Island, USA


Castile and lion,spain
Lots of castles but not lions here


I’m in Reno NV, very close to Lake Tahoe. Mostly my band is a hobby metal band but we play out in Tahoe maybe twice a year. I’m not quite sure how it came to be but we end up with all kinds of pros from the 80’s metal scene come sit in with us and in general just have a great time playing old B side stuff no one would suspect. We get guys from racer X, ugly kid joe, priest, Robert from Metallica a few years back. Good times. We’re playing squaw in April, I think jimmy degraso will be playing drums but not sure, his kits sitting in the studio so I think so, I never really know what’s going on.


wow! so how do you get these legends to perform with you guys?


Well it was nothing to do with me, I can tell you that!
Jeff from racer X lives down the street from the studio and friends of friends hooked us up. He was just looking for somoeone to jam with for fun… that was maybe 8 years ago. We were a garage band since the 90’s before that so he was really joining up with us and we ended up just keepin on keepin on. He got Scott Travis from preist to come over (former racer x drummer) and we played live with him a few tiems. These rock star guys tend to know each other from being on tour together so we also hooked up with Whit from ugly kid, and degrasso, etc. It has been kind of a torture for me because I was in no way good enough to pull off racer x songs back then, even now it is iffy. But Jeff likes to do them and Paul does not want to go on tour with racer x so there you have it. I can say that Troy’s theorys are having a positive effect on my playing so maybe I will be able to take on some of the songs I have said hell no to in the past.


Hi guys :slight_smile: I’m from Krasnoyarsk.


Born and bred in Denmark.


Somerville, MA, here, Greater Boston area. Proud Masshole here. :slight_smile:


I actually grew up in Mayberry…well, I grew up in the town Mayberry was modeled after, according to Andy Griffith, who lived and died in Manteo, NC.