Which guitarists use a sequence of major threes?

Has anyone got clips of any guitarist playing a sequence of major threes?

It’s a tough one! Are pulloffs allowed? :slight_smile:

Edit: interestingly, I could do the descending version pretty fast as a kid, using a combination of upstroke sweeps & inside picking. I can try to see if I can recall those motions if it can be of interest. But if you allow me pulloffs and/or hybrid picking, I can probably film it straight away (modulo finding a good chunk of time in these crazy days!)

Every note picked. Is there any professional player who does this? A google search yields nothing.

I think Henrique Paganini does a small chunk of it across 2-3 strings at the very end of this solo (approx 3:11):

Tommo will now work on it on and off :slight_smile:

Without technical limits, the way I think is most efficient to play major threes is as follows.

Take A major starting at the fifth fret of the low E string.

Play five notes on the right side of the low E string (as you look up the neck from the bridge), down, up, down, up, down. Then a single note on the A string and then a single note on the low E string, played down then up. Then two notes on the left side of the A string down up, before taking the third note to the right side of the A string for the down stroke which takes you back to the beginning of the pattern.

Excuse my ignorance but could you please describe what is a sequence of major threes?

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There is a blog post ‘Swiping and ascending 3s with dwps’ which explains more on this topic.

Your post was not clear. We don’t understand if you meant major thirds or something else.
Something like “ascending through the major scale in sets of three” would have helped us see what you meant.

Damn, tommo!

Where do all those Aliens come from?
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Here is a method that exploits position shifts to make the diatonic descendig threes playable with signle escapes (in this case, DSX-only).

Disclaimer: not an official CTC video - just a quick and dirty take, “old Tommo” style :slight_smile:

A couple of years ago I demonstrated the same idea for the pentatonic descending threes (man, my vibrato and tone were terrible there :slight_smile: ):