Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


I went to see Toto live for the first time this year.

The average age of the public was around 64. LOL

Anyway, amazing concert. Luke is a monster player.


Yeah some of those metal guys have amazing endurance.


An Analysis of Frank Zappa’s playing would be cool.


How about Dweezil Zappa?


Guthrie Govan A+++ Not much else has to be said.


Derryl Gabel. He is an amazing player.



I’d love to have Dick Dale on the show. He’s a good example of how an elbow based mechanic can be controlled and smooth!

…also because I want to see Troy have to deal with the fact that Dick plays left handed with a right-handed string system.


Check out dane Uffe Steen! Tasty, tasty player who does the left handed, strung for a right handed player-thing…


Ralph Towner. He’s a fingerpicking player but he’s been completely smoking me out of the water lately.

He’s getting way up there in age but still touring and releasing records. Would be great to get up close and personal and talk about his approach to the fretboard and technique.


Ulf Wakenius anyone? :slight_smile: