Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


I went to see Toto live for the first time this year.

The average age of the public was around 64. LOL

Anyway, amazing concert. Luke is a monster player.


Yeah some of those metal guys have amazing endurance.


An Analysis of Frank Zappa’s playing would be cool.


How about Dweezil Zappa?


Guthrie Govan A+++ Not much else has to be said.


Derryl Gabel. He is an amazing player.



I’d love to have Dick Dale on the show. He’s a good example of how an elbow based mechanic can be controlled and smooth!

…also because I want to see Troy have to deal with the fact that Dick plays left handed with a right-handed string system.


Check out dane Uffe Steen! Tasty, tasty player who does the left handed, strung for a right handed player-thing…