Who's Ready For Some Joe Stump?

We’re still working on musical examples and tablature, but Joe Stump’s interview itself is ready to Bach ‘n’ Roll for anyone who’s interested:

I spoke to Joe on email earlier today, and if you haven’t heard, he has been touring the world with Alcatrazz. Joe is a sweetheart and this is the perfect gig for him, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

This was a fun conversation. We talk about metal-friendly altered seventh / ninth chord voicings, metal scales like Phrygian Dominant and Hungarian minor, and of course all the mechanical stuff like economy picking and pedal tone licks.

Joe uses a really interesting cocktail of motions, including bits of fingers, forearm, and wrist, that I’m sure no guitar teacher sat down and taught him. I don’t know where you would have gone to learn that stuff back when he learned it, and he’s a great example of why picking technique is such voodoo for a lot of us that weren’t lucky or talented enough to stumble across our own methods for doing these things.


I’m just here for that beautiful New York accent.

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Was really glad to hear some of the regular scale stuff in there like traveling 4 notes at a time.
I have been working on that stuff from the Batio video.

I know it’s not the most sought after sound but I’m at the point that I’m so heavily invested that I cant let it go.

Anyway, another great interview.
If I can get this picking thing down I’ll have more time and energy to explore those more exotic scales someday

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Totally. You know whatta mean?


You mean the ascending version? Honestly, don’t wait until you “get it down”. Just legato that sucker! Pick the minimum number of notes you can to play it up to speed. You won’t be too far off from what Joe does. Joe is a USX / DWPS player and is not picking all those notes anyway. And it sounds just fine.

We have the descending version of this in Volcano:

But Joe’s version is basically the same thing just with hammers instead of pulloffs. So neither he nor Yngwie is picking all these notes.

The best way to get any of these phrases is to get what you can get right now, and start incorporating that into active vocabulary. That at least gets you comfortable with the speed of the fretting and the feel of picking some but not all of the notes.


Good advice of course.

I got caught up in the whole I need to be able to asc and desc with alt and to be honest I like a more leggato sound anyway for the most part. Lol

I worked a good bit on volcano ascending starting with an up. I can alt pick descending.

Volcano descending was awkward but I’ll revisit it now and see if it clicks.

Haha, Joe seems like such a nice guy, but I wish he would finish some of his sentences!

Enjoyed this interview and I can’t believe those double downstrokes!!! Yikes

Instantly re-upgraded to Masters in Mechanics ! :slight_smile:

I am so looking forward to watching this tonight !!

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Someone like that you’ve just got to give them a bit of

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His point about metal/rock playing and not needing to know some keys, he’s missed a trick - if someone asks him to play in Bb harmonic minor all he needs to do is pick up a guitar tuned down to Bb and pretend he’s in E.

Hah!!! Checkmate, theoretically-schooled-proper-musicians ! :smiley:

My most looked-forward to interview on CTC. Joe was my private teacher at Berklee and had such a huge impact on me, and was who introduced me to the 70s proto-shredders like Uli Roth, Blackmore, Schenker, Moore etc. that I sadly didn’t start caring about until well after I was out of his tutelage.

Dude was the best teacher I ever had and one hell of a nice guy.

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Yes! Fantastic, Joe Stump is one of my top 5 players ever. I’ve been waiting so long for this one, ever since I saw the very first Joe Stump video on the old CTC site.

Thanks CtC team!

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Joe Stump, born Sept 18. Some things are meant to be

@BlackInMind I remember Joe Stump waking those hallways. I had private lessons with Jon Finn and remember seeing him in full garb at like 9AM. I thought it was YM. I talked to him once or twice just practicing scales waiting for my lesson. Cool guy!


Oh God, YES!!! ! ! !

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Very cool, thanks for these Troy and co. Awesome!

Fantastic news…been looking forward to this…will it be available for download soon?

Just wondering if the tabs will be available as a download in a .zip file or will they be Soundslice?

@Jack_Hammer I think you are able to access these interviews as a “subscriber download” after a period of time. At least, I have access to the Frank Gambale interview in that format. @Brendan would be the best man to clarify.

We just forgot to turn that on since it’s not a completed product yet with the musical examples, tablature, and so on. Still not finished but you should at least be able to download the interview itself. Let us know if you have any trouble grabbing that.

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