Who's Ready For Some Joe Stump?

If you’re a subscriber during the month we release an interview, we give you a free download of it. You can cancel and you’ll still have access to that since, again, you were subscribed in the month when we released it.

We don’t really advertise on the site (I don’t think) that we do this, and it’s kind of a holdover from back in the Gumroad days when we didn’t have the browsable platform we have now. For now we’ll keep doing it.

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So I should be able to download the Joe Stump interview with tabs in the next few weeks?! :smiley:

I noticed that some of Joe’s descending runs aren’t as smooth as his ascending runs. Most of his lines are ascending or pattern based. There was one point in the interview where he plays a fast alternate picked descending lick and it wasn’t as smoothly done as his ascending licks. I’m trying to find the time code for it.

We’re working on the clips / tablature now, and hope to get them done this week.

Right. Like Yngwie, Joe doesn’t really do 3nps alternate picking, in either direction, if that’s what you’re referring to. He’s a USX player, so it has to be even numbers of notes to go pure alternate. When he clicks into pure alternate his motion looks good, and applied to something that’s even numbers of notes, it works. But to really get a desc 3nps type line to be “crispy”, as Ben Eller likes to say, it would need to be down-up-pulloff.

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Troy is there anything in common between Joe’s thumb and finger movements and Martin Miller’s “Miller picking”?

Certainly looks that way doesn’t it? The similarities are greater at slower speeds when Joe isn’t using forearm. Then the motions looks more finger-oriented, and more like what Martin does. When Joe goes fast on a single string there’s more forearm, like this for example:

Also, around 40 seconds in the outro solo you’ll see this type of motion pop up again. And the arm component to this is obvious.

Obviously the biggest difference is that Joe is a USX player. Whether you use his blend of forearm and fingers or not, at the end of the day, he’s making a picking motion where the upstroke escapes and the downstroke is trapped. For people who want to play these lines, there are other ways to get that, like wrist, or forearm-wrist, and those ways work pretty well if you can’t figure out what Joe is doing.

I’d also point out that when you ask Martin to do his finger motion fast on a single note, it’s not a double escape motion. It’s a downstroke escape motion. Like this:

The pick is only escaping on the downstroke here. I think when he does the arpeggio stuff the motion is slightly different, and maybe involves a small amount of forearm or perhaps wrist to escape on the upstroke, in addition to the fingers thing.

So if Joe’s finger motion is upstroke escape, and Martin’s is downstroke escape, does that mean they are different motions? Or is it the same / similar motion being done from a different arm position?


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The Joe Stump package is awesome,the best $49 I have ever spent.Very useful licks and great insight to an incredible player.If you are interested in Neo Classical guitar this is a great package.Thank you Troy for this!


Thanks, glad to hear it!

This was so great, I watched it 2x already. I still have some Joe Stump instructional DVDs from years ago, he plays even better now, if possible, and his tone is fantastic.
I like the way he explains things, I don’t know if it’s because he is already teaching, or because it seems he and Troy know each other a bit so they have a very natural conversation, but I found it really easy to follow although not easy to play :wink:
Thanks again!


Hi Troy,
Is the free download still available, if I were to subscribe in the next few days and can the download be kept over on Gumroad for future use? I still have some CTC downloads over there that I purchased in the past.

Thanks, JD…

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I believe we have the credit for this active from 7/15 (when we release the interview) to 8/15. So if you sign up in the next couple days you would indeed get a download of the Joe Stump interview.

Note that we handle downloads directly on our site now as well — once you have an account at troygrady.com you can find all your downloads at Account > Downloads. Any past purchases should be there as well, so no longer a need to use Gumroad as everything’s now in one place!

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Hi Brendan,
I’ll try to get in by 8/15, so I can get the download.

I didn’t know I no longer had to use Gumroad and there was a section to view previous downloads on the site. That’s great!

After checking my accounts/downloads I do see some of them, but I’m missing a few downloads. What do I need to do to get the rest of my Gumroad downloads over to my account downloads?

Thanks, JD…

Our system automatically links previous purchases with the same email address, but if there are others with a different email we can link them up manually. Emailing you now to follow up on this.

Hi Brendan,
I just responded to the email you sent. I appreciate your help and quick responses.

Thanks, JD…