Yamaha THRX10! Great SS amp

This amp is really incredible! ! Check out Cameron Cooper on YouTube and the tones he gets from this thing… also Satchel endorses it.

If you want a portable great sounding amp with massive tones and tons of flexibility (software ), look no futher. It reminds me of a modern GK, from back in the day.

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Yes, I’ve had one for a couple of years now. It’s fantastic!

Awesome… any advice on learning the Cubase software? ??

Haha, was just a few minutes ago giving a friend at my day job an informal lesson on a THR10. I don’t have the “x,” but I do have the “c” and a THR5 for different uses.

I’ve played the others, but THRX stands out dramatically, imo…
The sound tailoring is the best part of these amps…

I have a hard time justifying something most decidedly not my “third” amp, but I’m intrigued. Does it stand out for you with regard to genre, or particular models?

As far as the sound tailoring is concerned, I definitely think personalization of the under-the-hood settings available through the editor is important for ultimate usability.

A tip to owners of the original THR10 – If you’ve not upgraded the firmware, I strongly recommend that you do. With the THRC and THRX they improved their modeling including blended mics.

Ha! Cameron Cooper’s channel is what turned me on to this amp as well. Haven’t tried one out though.

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The “X” in the THRX… stands for extra gain…
It’s a very high gain amp … and for its size very full bodied… I wanted a great sounding amp on the nights I don’t play my EVH 5150iii…

This amp is the closest thing to a hot rod tube amp next to any of the other comparable SS amps… the software is AMAZING.

Beatifull clean channels, effects. …

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I love mine I just wish it had footswitch support. Credit to Yamaha for starting this trend of living room sized modeling amps.

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Unfortunately, I do not. :roll_eyes:

I don’t recall if MIDI is available through the USB port in a class compliant fashion. If it is, an arduino solution could get one there.

Can’t say enough good things about this amp. Had it for nearly a year now. If anyone’s on the fence, just do it.


We have one and we had it modded with stereo XLR outs. We use it as a DI for iPads, via the aux input, so the performer can hear their backing tracks and we can record them at the same time. This is what we ran Batio’s backing tracks through when we did that live broadcast. We don’t use the guitar tones at all, hilariously.

What are the tone settings that people like from this? Give me some knob settings I can try out.

This is a good place to start.
Cam Cooper has several videos on how to get the best settings on the amp.

You have to download the THR editor and the subsequent patches for the model you have.
In this case. THRX.

All the settings are tweaked on your PC via the editor. You can create your own patches and assign them to 1 of 5 preset buttons.

Again Cam Cooper has some awesome settings in his YouTube videos.

Hope this helps

Some nice Van Halen-y kind of sounds here. It looks like Brown I and Brown II with specific tone knob settings are basically what these are, minus the effects stuff — we try to record dry whenever possible so we can do what we need later.

Downloading software and programming / editing presets is always a bit of a drag. It’s what brings me back to analog amps. Are there settings that are only available from withing the editor, or can you get all the basic amp model and tone control settings right from the panel?

You get some more cabinet options and control over the individual effects, nothing major.

You only get access to the compressor with the editor, I think.

I hear ya, this is my back up amp to my EVH 5150…

Actually the editor software is pretty straightforward and simple to use.

In addition to the cabinet models you can access the compression and effect types only through the editor

Gotcha. The UI looks pretty straightforward. I imagine this is just something you’d use to set up your sounds, save them into your preset buttons, and then forget about if you want.

As a technical person, I get that there’s always a sliding scale with these things. You want to provide a few extra features for those who want it, and a simple panel UI for those who don’t. It’s hard to serve two masters and get that balance right.

We have a small BOSS Katana amp that has this built in wireless dongle. The dongle goes to sleep when you’re not playing and the amp itself recharges the dongle when it runs out. The convenience of that, and no cable following you around the house, is a total win.

The actual sound is not. The amp tries to replicate a handful of stock amp models with BOSS pedals in front of them. None of the amp models appear to do any kind of decent high gain sound without one of the pedal models. And trying to select and audition these pedal / amp combinations is a nightmare. The number of menu levels deep you have to go, and the way each level of menus affects the gain staging of the one above it — it’s a usability disaster. I’m still not sure if the amp actually does a decent high gain sound without a wall of noise, battled by obtrusive gates, and I’ve given up trying. It’s just a clean amp for the living room.

End usability rant!

I made a mini pedalboard of mini pedals for my THR and tend to just use those into the Fender Twin model set as headroomy as I can get it. TS Mini into Rat clone when I want high gain.