Magnet Parts in UK?


Hi folks - Happy New Year!

I bought the 3D-printed Magnet parts last year, and since I couldn’t find a local workshop willing to build it for me, I had planned to buy the additional parts (including the Delrin rods) from McMaster as per the instructions. However, McMaster will not ship to the UK so I’m left with some very attractive plastic bits that I can’t actually assemble…

Has anyone on this side of the Atlantic been able to source a supplier who can provide the identical parts as those on the original list?

Thanks in advance, folks, for any leads you can provide!


Hey, happy new year! We’ve had some related discussions on here, these may be helpful:

To summarize

  • You may have luck with some kind of freight forwarding service, or if possible ordering to a friend or relative in the USA who could send along
  • If you have any kind of hardware store locally with large selection, you may be able to find similar parts that are close enough — most of the parts have some degree of tolerance and don’t necessary have to be identical to the ones we used…as long as you can get 'em to fit!

If anyone has had good luck with a supplier that ships globally, let us know and I can add to the Magnet DIY instructions as an alternate.


If you do get sorted, let me know as I would love to have my own.

@Brendan, maybe add a note on the Magnet page to say that if a customer is buying outside of the US they may run into problems sourcing assembly parts? It may reduce the frustrations of some customers. I would jump at the chance to buy one but, because of the problems encoutered by others, it puts me off.


Sure thing, added a note to the Magnet DIY product details!