The Magnet - now on Kickstarter!

The time has come! The Magnet, Cracking The Code’s custom camera mount for guitar analysis, is now on Kickstarter!

After five years of prototypes, field use, and requests to make this device more widely available, we’ve launched a campaign to fund production.

We’re really happy with the design — the Magnet has proved itself time and again both in use for our own lessons, and for interviews with all kinds of great players. We think it’s a valuable tool for learning and we’re excited to make an even better (and more affordable!) manufactured version.

To do that, we need your help. We have a substantial funding goal we have to hit in order to move forward, so if you’re interested in getting a Magnet, please head here to learn more and support the campaign!

Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions, either here or on the Kickstarter page!


Placed my pledge! Very excited guys!

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I’m in. Let’s hope it hits the goal. Have a good weekend all.

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Maybe I am just easily entertained, I have the Kickstarter page open and just watching the numbers go up and up. Looks like you are going to crush it this time.


Backed. Thanks for making this happen, CTC crew and everybody!


Finally ! :slight_smile:


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Same here. Can’t wait!!!

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If you go for the Magnet tier and add an extra magnet is that added shipping x2 for outside of the US or just the single $15?

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Pledged for magnet +1
We’re almost halfway there, hope it keeps this momentum!

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One day in and you are halfway funded.

Congrats! Keep it up.

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Just about halfway…exciting indeed! Big thanks to everyone who has backed and/or shared so far. With Kickstarter there’s often an early spike, then plateau for a while, then lots of activity right at the end; we’ll do our best to keep up the momentum!

Any suggestions for creative ways to share this, emails to send, things to clarify on the Kickstarter page and so on, let us know :slight_smile:

Great question, and I think that’s something we overlooked! This sort of “add on” is kind of a hack, so we’ll just have to specify manually and we can go in later and confirm with any backers who pledged extra.

Let me look into this and see if I can calculate at least a best guess for what the additional shipping would be here. I’ll add this along with some other FAQs to the Kickstarter page in the next couple days. Thanks!

I shared it on my FB page.

I’ll tweet it today.


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I’ve wanted a Magnet since I heard they existed and was sad when the last campaign fell through.

I’ve pledged to get one for myself and one to use at my music school. I’ve also shared the campaign across all of my various platforms.

Fingers crossed that we can push that little green meter over the threshold :smiley:

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I was wondering this as well. I’ve pledged for one magnet but am considering getting two. I’m not even sure how to pledge for another as the only option I appear to have is to switch to a different pledge?

I’m a total noob to the kickstarter process so maybe I’m misunderstanding how it works but I kind of expected there to be a quantity field so that pledgers have the option to select how many they would like to buy. The shipping would then be calculated based on the quantity selected.

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Hey! Thanks for supporting, and good question. Kickstarter doesn’t have a “quantity” option so we’d have to make a bunch more tiers for “two Magnets”, “three Magnets”, etc. To keep the tiers simple, while allowing you to add any number of extras, the way to do that is to edit your current pledge level — you can type in an arbitrary number there, and we’ll note that it’s higher by $x and therefore you’ve “ordered” n Magnets. Just a workaround that we’ll keep track of manually when doing fulfillment.

But as pointed out above we forgot to clarify how shipping works for additional Magnets. I’ll look into that and clarify on the Kickstarter page + update you here. Any other questions let us know!

trying to figure out how to buy 4 magnets
selected the $49 their and it automatically added $15 for shipping so do i now add 3x$39 for the extra 3 magnets or do i also need 3x$15 for each shipping too?

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I have the same issue. I would like 3 Magnets. Should I just go put in 3 separate pledges for 3 separate Magnets? $45 in shipping sounds like an awful lot though… Still not understanding how we should move on this…

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I added $39 for each additional magnet and figured we’d get the shipping figured out once it’s time to ship the magnets.
It was such a bummer when the first attempt didn’t fund that I didn’t want to sit on the fence this time around!

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Hey all, appreciate all the Kickstarter support, we’re off to an amazing start here.

I see the same question coming up a few times, apologies for the confusion — this is my bad, I know it’s not addressed clearly on the Kickstarter page.

To clarify @Squeaks @makka @Tom_h @GeneCrout @Chrismatty

To add additional Magnets, you have to first select any pledge tier that includes a single Magnet, and then manually add $39 for each additional Magnet.

I just double checked on shipping rates and it looks like another Magnet or two adds pretty negligible shipping costs, so just the extra flat $39 each should do it! Still the $15 shipping for international orders, but no extra shipping for multiple Magnets.

If you already backed, no need to cancel / back again (and it’s not possible to select multiple pledge levels), but you can easily edit your pledge. If you hit the project page, and are logged in on Kickstarter, you can click the “Manage your pledge” button and edit your pledge — same tier, just adjust the amount.

So for example:

  • If you want three Magnets, you can do the $49 level + $39 + $39 = $127 for USA, and for international, just the same $15 for shipping, so $142 total
  • If you want the $229 tier (Magnet + 1 year membership), plus one additional Magnet, that would be $229 + $39 = $268 for USA; additional $15 = $283 total for international

Note that this is a bit of a manual workaround since Kickstarter doesn’t have a built in way to do add-ons for multiples of a thing — but rest assured we will take note and confirm at the time of fulfillment to make sure you get your extra Magnets!

Hope that make sense, if anything’s still confusing please let me know. I will edit the Kickstarter page shortly to clarify this as well. Thanks!


Question, what do you guys anticipate the final price range to be for the magnet after the kickstarter is successfully finished? (Also, it just surpassed 45k.)

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